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Cheap phone service: MagicJack

Remember when long-distance calls were so expensive that you watched the clock while talking?
Nowadays, landline phone service — especially long-distance — has become a lot less expensive, with unlimited long-distance added to many calling packages.
But an even cheaper service is MagicJack at It’s unlimited phone calling using your high-speed Internet connection. It includes […]

Spend FSA money fast!

The flexible spending account, or FSA, has recently become one of the good deals among employer benefits. You can pay for out-of-pocket health expenses with pre-tax money. In other words, if you’re in the 25 percent tax bracket you get a quarter off all that spending.
FSAs became more lucrative in recent years because the IRS […]

Financially FIT

With all the spending in your life, you can be overwhelmed just thinking about where to start. I have a place for you. It involves getting financially FIT, an acronym I invented that stands for food, insurance and telecommunications. These are three areas to make painless spending cuts and quickly reap the biggest savings. And […]

Welcome to the Spending Smart blog!

Welcome to a blog about spending money smarter. It’s a topic that I’ve written about as a journalist for several years in my national newspaper column, Spending Smart. And in February, I’ll release my first book, “Living Rich by Spending Smart: How to Get More of What You Really Want.” The book is available for […]