Cheap phone service: MagicJack


Remember when long-distance calls were so expensive that you watched the clock while talking?

Nowadays, landline phone service — especially long-distance — has become a lot less expensive, with unlimited long-distance added to many calling packages.

But an even cheaper service is MagicJack at It’s unlimited phone calling using your high-speed Internet connection. It includes the usual extras such as CallerID and voicemail, for $20 a year. That’s not a typo — a year. (Actually, $19.95)

I have it myself and use it at home as a business phone line. Here’s what you need to know:

What is it? MagicJack is a small device. On one end is a USB connection that you plug into your computer. The other end is a standard phone jack that you plug your phone into with a common phone cord.

How does it work? You dial a regular phone number on a regular phone and the person on the other end picks up with their regular phone. They won’t even know you’re using the service.

How much does it really cost? Mine was $46 shipped. That’s essentially $20 for the device, $20 for the first year of service and $6 shipping.

How’s the quality? The quality is quite good. I would describe it as not quite as good as a phone-company line but better than a cell phone. Quality is likely to depend on how good your Internet connection is.

Is it easy to install? MagicJack basically installs itself once you plug it into your computer. However, I got an error message “TargetDir not specified.” I went to the MagicJack Web site and saw I had to download upgraded software for the Vista operating system, which I use. After that, everything went mostly fine.

I say “mostly fine” because I had a couple minor problems. For example, I couldn’t set up voicemail until I shut down MagicJack and restarted it. Then a few weeks later, the service stopped working, giving me a weird message about registering, which I had already done. Resetting my router fixed that problem.

Am I tethered to my computer? No. Plug in a cordless phone base station to MagicJack and use the service anywhere in the house.

Do I have to have my computer on? Yes. This is the primary drawback. You have phone service as long as your computer is on and your high-speed (Cable/DSL) Internet connection is working.

Can I keep my phone number? No. This is another drawback, if you were considering using MagicJack as your primary phone number. But you can choose your area code for a new phone number.

Can I use it away from home? Yes. As long as your computer is getting an Internet connection, wired or wireless, your MagicJack should work. That means you can use it with a laptop while traveling. Or give it to a family member overseas, who can call home for $20 a year.

In sum, I’d readily recommend getting MagicJack as a second phone line — for a talkative teenager, for example. However, I’d recommend trying it out before ditching your primary phone line.

FYI: I have no affiliation with MagicJack, other than being a paying customer.

Have you used MagicJack? What’s been your experience? Share your comments.

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  1. Interesting review. 2 major Cons to this device: 1: you willingly agree to all the ad garbage and tracking of your activity. 2: Not all usa area codes are available.They cant tell you when yours will even be implemented. Try calling for pizza with a long distance number! They wont deliver. On a positive note- the device itself is a gadget that once it catches on for the travelers who dont need a homebase phone, its well worth the money!

  2. Most area codes are available, but the list isn’t easy to find. You must go to and click on the ninth category out of thirteen: “Phone numbers” (fifth from the bottom). They say that other areas will be added within the next few months, so check back then if you might be interested.

    They are a licensed CLEC in 49 or 50 states, which is one reason they will survive, even when the Telcos sue the other stand-alone VOIP providers out of business, as they’re doing with Vonage. In the next few years, Vonage will cost as much as a VOIP line from AT&T, Verizon or Comcast or they’ll fold. If any of the others like ViaTalk start to approach the size of Vonage, watch the Telco’s lawyers go after them too. So far, Vonage is 10 times the size of any of it’s other stand-alone VOIP competition, which is why Sprint and Verizon have beaten them in lawsuits adding up to about $200 million already.

    With only 2 million customers, that means that Vonage will soon have to find a way to get an average of $100 more out of each existing customer. That’s on top of the $100 each that it costs to acquire new customers, which is what put SunRocket out of business already. That and a short-sighted business plan, that failed when their new signups tapered off. They were underfunded to start, and tried to solve that by charging $199 up front, but that fell apart like a ponzi scheme when the cost of providing service to many existing customers was no longer being funded by lots of incoming accounts.

    The magicJack ads will appear in the softphone window that pops up when you dial a call, but it’s easy to drag it off the edge of the screen, so only 1/8 of an inch shows, or you can minimize it to the tray (not even on the task bar) as soon as it pops up — big deal.

    Your PC only needs to be on if you want to make or receive calls on the magicJack. If you have incoming calls forwarded to your cell phone or another landline, the PC doesn’t even need to be on to receive calls and the popup won’t even appear on forwarded incoming calls. The forwarding is done at their switch, whether the PC is on or not. The same is true for voicemail - it works without keeping the PC on.

    However, you won’t know you have voiceemail until you turn on the PC. I have phones and callerID devices that flash an LED when voicemail is waiting, but only when connected the an active line, meaning that the magicJack has to have a live connection to the internet through the PC.

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  4. I just want to return this piece of junk. I’m giving you 3 hours to E-mail me or call me @ 732-961-3057 and give me a phone number that is yours not(561-215-1407) I’m reporting you to the BETTER BUSINESS . I’m mailing your garbage back on 3/10/08 and I’m going out of my way to get you shut down and prosacuited. OH ! the phoney number your listing is calling the phone company also.

  5. I think I speak for everyone reading this blog when I say “What drugs are you on Bob Stearn ?”.
    I haven’t bought my MagicJack yet, but all the reviews look pretty positive. You don’t even say WHY you think it’s junk.
    Then you threaten to report someone who is merely REVIEWING the item, and is in no way affiliated with it to the Better Business. Whose better business you are reporting him to … well.. ok, maybe you just don’t know how to spell bureau, which wouldn’t surprise me in the least. I also have no idea how a phony number can call anything, let alone the phone company.
    Gregory, you might have stipulated in your review that to use the MagicJack, the consumer must possess an IQ above 50.
    Luckily, mine hovers around 165, so I don’t anticipate any issues when mine arrives. I’ll be back to post my review after it arrives.

  6. I got my magicJack just yesterday, and it installed itself with only a minor glitch or two. I tested it both ways, out and in, and it works fine. Voice quality is not bad. My only drawback is that although I live in NC, I had to pick another state (I chose GA) for my number, since they don’t have any NC area codes yet. I contacted their customer service chat (which is really great, by the way-very responsive) and they assured me they would have NC area codes soon, and I can change my number then. I plan to use it as a business phone, primarily, so it won’t matter if I shut off my computer at night. My card has not been charged for it yet, so they are true to their promise of a “30 day free trial” so far, except for $2.95 for faster shipping, which got it to me the next business day - by snail mail, no less. I have contacted customer service chat one more time in regard to an error message I keep getting, and which re-appeared when I tried to “optimize.” Again, they responded right away. One other glitch I was able to handle myself, with their online self-help service, was that the device “hijacked” my computer sound, so that You-Tube videos had no sound. I was able to reset my computer sound system through the control panel, and learned from the magicJack onsite help page that you should not set magicJack as your default sound. Duh! I never did that, but turning my computer off overnight and then rebooting this morning is what (apparently) changed my sound setting. I’ll know better if that is what happened after repeating that process tonight and tomorrow morning.

  7. mary schreiber on April 7th, 2008 at 6:57 pm

    HELP, I am having trouble using my magic jack - and

    accessing my voice mail. And I cannot find a “help” site!

  8. Mary, I’ve wasted 3 hours trying to get voicemail working. It di for awhile when I first set it up but hasn’t since. The only help available is from the website in their FAQs. They do have online/chat support but it is worthless for voicemail problem solving.
    The regular phone functions of receivng and calling appear to be working fine though sometimes have to try to dial outgoing calls multiple times.
    I can’t be sure, but the problems I’ve been experiencing point to an overloaded system, i.e., can’t put calls through on first attempt and voicemail must be sucking up too many resources.
    So, bottom line for me, the voice mail was a deal breaker, so I’ve gotten an RMA already and it is going back. It is a nice concept but the execution is lacking. I foolishly didn’t do the 30-day trial. Hopefully I’ll get my money back after returning.
    Good luck to you.

  9. We just received our Magicjack for a computer not even a month old, and installation was relatively painless but far from “instant easy”. Registration kept informing me that i’d already registered a password/usename, which is impossible as i ordered over the phone with not a click or clack of the magicJack website. but got that resolved with an chat with tech support. My primary problem with this thing is that when ordering via phone/web, there should be a area code confirmation. We ordered with big hopes of saving monies only to find out our metro area isn’t covered in magicJack’s area code data base. Very poor sales/customer loyalty from the get-go if you ask me…sell it now, worry about them being able to use it later! And yes, i understand the return policy…poor sales tactics just the same.

  10. McKinley Allen on April 30th, 2008 at 11:45 am

    I’m having a problem receiving calls. They are going directly to my voice mail.
    How can I correct this problem????

  11. Toby Blankenship on May 9th, 2008 at 10:10 pm

    My majicjack died. I have had no problems up till today and enjoy the service. I cannot get help from website. can I get an email with instructions on how to replace. It kicks in and out and will not stay connected to usb port. tried without extention cable and on two separate machines. blue light flickers and usb sounds about every 5 seconds.

  12. I’ve had mine since middle of March an am satisfied… Now an then I have to reboot my machine a coupla times to get the software working correctly…

    I’m hopping one day I’ll be able to use it with the Linux platform for at present my magicjack is my only reason for having a windows installation…

    Call me conservative or even cheap, but I have the magicjack cause of low cost and use Linux for same reason…

  13. There are a lot of glitches. Seem to be parts incompatibility………

  14. After one month, no problems with my Magicjack. It was easy to install and use. A good internet connection is important. I use the Packet 8 voip test. My quality of service is usually in the 90% or above range. Packet loss is 0% and jitter is minimal.Less than 1 ms. My download speed is 1.10 Mbps and upload at 255 kbps. Latency is less than 100 ms. The MOS is usually at 4.2. Magicjack works very well 95% of the time. Occasionally at night there is a little choppiness. I am keeping my Magicjack. It has already almost paid for itself in LD savings.

  15. Hope someone can help me.

    I have an DSL internet connection through a cable company but do not have a land line telephone. I use a cell phone.

    Since I don’t have a land line connected to any telco will I be able to use majicjack?

    Lawson Phaby

  16. I paid the 2 year service and bought two MJ…..the first Magic jack is crap for me, so i check the second…same results on FOUR seperate comps… my connection is 54 mbs high speed… Customer service chat is bait & switch…they mill around and ask same questions…the voice quality is a -1 from 1-10 scale. the devices both jitter,stutter and lag with echo and cracking pops as one talks, not legible…No fixes work online on MJ site….they lie to me everytime i chat and dont help…. Im looking into a class action law suit… if you know one already going, contact me. STAY AWAY from MAGIC JACK.

  17. I bough mine 2 month ago, a week ago it stopped working, when I connect it it takes me to the MJ website instead of opening the MJ touchtone keypad.

    I was very happy with it until a week ago, I get a dial tone but the software does not starts, I tried the online chat thing but after 3 hours I am not kidding guys, they were totaly useless and unnable to help me, they told me I could not get a repleacement because I was over the 30 day period but, when I said I wanted to cancel my account they inmidiatly agreed to send me another replacement, I was happy until the next day when I say another email saying I was charged 46 dollars again, I mean I paid the initial 20 for the year contract and now I am being charged again.

    Very funny uh?

    MJ would be great if you could buy another device from wallmart or Circuit city instead of having to paid shipping and handling everytime you MJ dies on you, because it will eventually for all the stories I’ve read over the internet, it is the same history over and over again; people who are ‘happy’ until it dies and you get stucked with a piece of cheap plastic that could not be used for paper weight.

    Good luck to all of you want to buy this this thing, if you do, make sure you do not I repeat DO NOT cancel your regular phone, MJ and its people will let you hanging, and they do not care.

  18. Just had the jack for two days. Been trying to get area code for this area. They say coming soon, don’t return it yet. You’ll get two area codes for the price of one. Don’t know what to do. Still have 27 days to try it out. Voice is choppy, like cell phones sometimes display.
    June 25, 2008- supposed to be last day of free trial offer.

  19. I have order the majic jack and, I have not received it at all the payment was taken out of my account the same day that it was ordered I have yet to have received it at all. The payment was not to be taken at that time. I would like a refund and reimburse for you making me have insuffient funds on my account, becaue you did not take the payment as requested. And if I don’t receive my refund and reimbursement of my money This will be going to the BBB. I order this majic jack on May 30, 2008, and have not even seen anything saiding its in the mail. Please respond soon. ONE DAY!!!!!! I WILL GIVE!!!! People need to know what you are going to do about a product that does not work. And a contact number for some one to talk too. CONTACT ME BY EMAIL . Donald Houston,Tx July 4,2008 at 10:38am So Don’t get this junk, I have not received it at all and have problems already.I have not gotten it. They have my money, I and I have nothing. Donald.

  20. Hey Donald, ordered mine on July 4th too, from San Antonio. Pretty slick infomercial! No customer service, can’t reach anyone on “Live chat 24/7″ just get tossed around website. The number for MagicJack obtained from directory assistance leads to a full mailbox. I’ve already been charged twice though only ordered one. HEY ATTORNEYS start Class action please! Contacting Bad Business Bureau/Rip Off report website. BBB folks is a waste of time!

  21. If you would check the “unofficial magicjack forum” website @, you will find excellent suggestions and solutions for problems with magicjack. They are usually simple solutions due to all the variables associated with computer set-ups or internet service. Try it and see!!

  22. re: make that http://unofficialmagicjack.forum2u/org…sorry

  23. I bought magicjack, plugged it in, and couldn’t get past the splash screen! It wouldn’t install properly, and like many other dissatisfied customers, I couldn’t reach ‘customer service’ even though I tried at different times of day.

    That a communication company has such poor communication really says it all for magicjack. This is just plain ripoff, imo.

    I’ll write off the $46 as the cost of learning to check for complaints before I buy from an infomercial. What I’m more concerned about is that they may try to charge my credit card the $19.95 next year, and the next, etc. That would get me to join a class action.

  24. After receiving my MJ in the mail yesterday, I realized from the scanty instructions it wasn’t going to be plug ‘n chug. At least not on my XP workhorse, but what I found to be puzzling is that no one from Tech Support knew how to direct me much past the blue light and “New HW Found” wizard. When I mentioned that I had to delete two of the three copies that were set up in System Manager on my USB port, no one knew what I was talking about. When I sent one of the tech support people a copy of the USB port’s management file, they seemed clueless how to go about reading it. Of course, it’s not their fault. Cisco became the leading manufacturer of routers not because they’ve always had a product that’s better than anyone else’s. Cisco’s rise to the top came about because they’ve always had clear, concise, easy-to-follow instruction manuals. To find answers to my questions is difficult to impossible. I have to dig and search and sift through a lot of worthless information which I’m still doing. Throughout the 25 years that I’ve worked in the IT industry, I’ve always told vendors: “Make your customers dig and search for installation & configuration instructions today, and a year from now, no one will even remember your name.” Like, maybe Chipcom…? Until someone can pull it together, the safest place for this puppy is buried inside a box on a shelf in the vendor’s warehouse. And that’s where my MJ is heading as soon as I can wrap it up and send it back. That’s high tech with a “boomerang effect”.

  25. Help!! I just received my magic jack and followed the instructions but nothing seems to be working. If I am calling long distance how do I dial the number? It rings but it is not really working. How do I get some help??
    I am not a computer genius but a 65 year old grandmother!! HELP!!


  27. Thinking of buying this pile of crap product?

    First read this actual conversation between MagicJack’s technician “Zack” and myself, regarding the fact that they put a stupid pop up program ON TOP of whatever you happen to be working on, EVERY STINKING TIME YOU MAKE A PHONE CALL, and the fact that MagicJack and Windows Live OneCare do NOT work together:

    Zack: Hello, how may I help you?

    Bjorgen: Are you aware that your MagicJack product will NOT work with Windows Live OneCare?

    Bjorgen: Also, when are you ever going to get rid of that nasty and extremely annoying stupid screen menu?

    Zack: Hi Bjorgen.

    Bjorgen: You need to allow users the option of NOT having that stupid screen pop up everytime you go to make a call.

    Bjorgen: Hello

    Zack: Yes Bjorgen

    Zack: My apologies on tha (sic) but that cannot be ommitted but it can be minimized.

    Bjorgen: Come on…you guys need to fix that.

    Bjorgen: Put me in touch with the owner or programmers.

    Bjorgen: What’s the phone number there?

    Bjorgen: It’s completely unecessary.

    Bjorgen: Your website has no phone numbers.

    Zack: The softphone will be used on the person that uses a headset instead of telephone

    Bjorgen: Not sure what you mean.

    Zack: Please allow me to inform you that the softphone can be used if the caller uses a headset wherein he/she can dial through the computer.

    Bjorgen: There needs to be an option to NOT popup that damn windows.

    Bjorgen: I don’t dial through the computer…I use a standard telephone.

    Bjorgen: What is the phone number there?

    Zack: My apologies but phone number is not available as of this time.

    Bjorgen: What?

    Bjorgen: Are you kidding me?

    Bjorgen: What kind of company doesn’t have a phone?

    Bjorgen: What is the address?

    Bjorgen: I wish to file a complaint.

    Bjorgen: And will do so with the FCC if you don’t cooperate.

    Bjorgen: Your product sucks.

    Zack: Please hold

    Zack: Thank you for your patience. I will transfer you to a higher level of support. Please hold while I transfer you.

    Bjorgen: I am going to report you to the RipOff report.

    Chat Information Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.

    Chat InformationYou are now chatting with ‘Elle’

    Elle: Hello.

    Bjorgen: Hello

    Bjorgen: I basically want to say that you are making a lot of people very uncomfortable with your product and service, by not being flexible enough to listen to what we have to say.

    Bjorgen: It’s called “feedback” from your clients, and you need to listen to us.

    Bjorgen: You have absolutely no way for us to communicate with the company MagicJack except through this Chat mechanism.

    Bjorgen: I find that disrespectful and extremely pretentious.

    Bjorgen: I am an extremely active consumer advocate and am making reports about you as we speak.

    Elle: May I know your main issue?

    Bjorgen: Two primary issues, as follows (there are some others):

    Bjorgen: 1. Does not work with Windows Live OneCare

    Bjorgen: 2. You have a pop up window that is extremely annoying that appears whenever a phone call is made.

    Bjorgen: Other issues:

    Bjorgen: 1. Extremely slow load time.

    Bjorgen: 2. Will frequently die during calls

    Bjorgen: 3. People on other end of call complain that they cannot hear me.

    Bjorgen: 4. USB device frequently says that it cannot connect to the system.

    Bjorgen: And of course, the final and most disturbing issue of all is the simple fact that none of us consumers can CALL anybody or write a letter to the MajicJack corporation.

    Bjorgen: I want a valid phone and address now.

    Elle: 1. There’s some cases that magicJack won’t work with firewall and antiviruses.

    Elle: 2. The dial pad will appear whenever you make and receive calls. There’s no way to get rid of it.

    Elle: For all the other issues: Please go to to check your bandwith.

    Elle: For the last issue: We only support through chat as of this moment and we won’t give any phone number to the customers.

    Bjorgen: Bandwidth is not an issue.

    Bjorgen: This is full T1.

  28. All,

    Bought MagicJack for my daughter who has been complaining for her own phone. I have had great success with it. I have run it on an XP machine and a Vista machine with no issues. I recommend the product to everyone. I am currently trying to get it to run under linux.

  29. SAM: From Florida The Sunshine State on October 13th, 2008 at 12:06 am

    I received my Magic Jack in June and enjoy it immensely. I have a regular landline via Vonage however I rarely ever use it. I also have my cell phone. I wait impatiently for MJ to allow number portability so I can transfer my existing landline number to a second MJ that I intend to but at that time. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS THING. MY KIDS TOOK THEM TO COLLEGE AND ARE ALL ECSTATIC. ALL THE COLLEGES ARE WIRELESS AND NOW ALL THE STUDENTS WANT MJ. My son is tired of students wanting to go use his phone so he leaves it in his room or in his backpack. As a college athlete, whenever they stay at an hotel room with wireless connection he just unplugs the hotel phone and plugs in MagicJack, so we save money on cell phone usage. I am just so happy. That means more spending money for him. Perhaps there is a minor glitch here or there; like accidentally disconnecting it from USB. So what. IT IS $20.00 PER YEAR FOLKS. WE AREN’T A MONTHLY CHARGE. I HAD MORE PROBLEMS WITH MY ATT/BELL SOUTH PHONE. I HAD PROBLEMS WHEN I FIRST RECEIVED MY VONAGE. I kept BellSouth because they had a monopoly. I kept Vonage because it was inexpensive albeit there were glitches. I AM KEEPING MY MAGICJACK. I USE IT EVERYDAY, EVEN MORE THAN MY CURRENT LAND LINE. MY FAMILY IS VERY HAPPY!!

  30. SAM: From Florida The Sunshine State on October 13th, 2008 at 12:17 am

    One more thing. Some people may want to check their Operating System and setup accordingly. I set mine up on Windows XP,my son had to download an updated program to use Windows Vista. Also people need to verify if they are using 32bit or 64 bit. The people who come on here to compalin are obviously computer savvy enough to locate this site and voice their grouse. Guys, type your MJ problems into Google, I assure you will find an answer. There is no problem which is arising for the first time.

  31. I’ve had the magicjack for almost 2 months now and I havent experienced any trouble with it *knocks on wood*. I can make and receive calls just fine. The sound quality is ok, has some quirks here and there. Overall I am pleased with it. All of the Ohio area codes were available.

  32. H-e-l-l-o,

    Still cannot use the device for any function…after 3 days chatting with Live Help. Will not go into all details, really want this to work! Wasn’t plug and play like the 1, 2, 3 instructions. Any help other than unplugging, disabling the firewall protections, unplugging, restarting, unplugging….I really want this to work!

  33. Oh by the way finally got the update to work after 2 days…

  34. If you are receiving a splash screen and you MJ is not loading
    go to your computer drive and open Documents and Settings folder
    then your personal Documents and Settings then Application Data
    look for mjusbsp folder open the in00000 folder and double click
    mjsetup make a shortcut to you desk top this should start the program. I still have another problem I do need help with I have a bad echo and can’t solve it I have reformatted my hard drive and also installed a new sound card shutdown and restarted my modem
    shutdown my fire wall tried other usb ports I am running out of ideas anyone have a suggestion?

  35. It’s nice to see some common sense users of this product for a change. The only issue with this device is IGNORANCE. After reading hundreds of “I love it”, “I hate it” posts, I’ve come to a few conclusions.

    1: Never buy ANY free 30day trial on ANYTHING!!! Get MJ from Radio Shack, QVC, Circuit City, Amazon etc… Then you have a hassle free return. ALL 30 DAY FREE TRIAL AND GIVE US YOU’RE CREDIT CARD NUMBER Company’s will set on your money and give you the runaround, duh. Your and every other sucker’s money is letting them make interest off it. They ALL will bite you in the azz with the fine print. DON’T DO IT!

    2: For the people that think the thing that comes out after you press the button on the front of the computer is an automated cup holder, you’re too stupid to use this product. You probably have trouble operating a light switch or flushing the toilet. If you are a 1 on the (1 - 10) Tech Savvy Scale, save us the drudge of reading your negative post and don’t even think about getting this product. It’s way, way, way over your head. Go play with the light switch or something. MJ is a startup company running on a shoestring. It’s $40 dollars! It’s $40 dollars! It’s $40 dollars! It’s $40 dollars! It’s $40 dollars! What do you expect them to do, send a tech to your house? Come on people get real. If you can’t make it work then return it to Circuit City or QVC etc… Oh, you did the 30day free trial thing? DUH… you deserve the hassle. Just don’t bore us with your post.

    3: Paranoid people get up in the morning; check the weather etc… on Internet. Hello! Your ISP tracked what you did and the Weather web cookie and all the other cookies did they’re thing. Picked up your Cell phone and made a call, Hello! Your phone service tracked and logged your call, they also knew you were home because of the built in tracking system. Got in your car and stopped at intersection, got your picture taken by traffic cam. Somebody knows where you were at the time of day. Stopped to get gas, restaurant, shopping swiped your credit card, God only knows how many people got this information on what you bought. Went to work and your employer tracked every keystroke, oh and don’t forget to smile for the candid camera. I looked your name up in the White pages and Goggled Earth your address, WOW! You got a really nice house dude. Maybe I’ll pay you a visit and spy on you. You think MJ gives a rip about the above information? They just want to know local information so they can push you the latest add special from the local pizza place. Unless you live in a cave, get a life because this is your life, you’re just too ignorant to recognize it and all the bitching in the world is not going to change it. Install this on an old PC, stick in the closet, plug in a wireless phone and forget about it. Now it’s out of site and out of mind. Just like all the above listed things we ignore every day.

    4: It’s amazing! Crap computer + slow line + Magic Jack = Magic Jacks fault. You got to love it.
    This is a COMPUTER \ INTERNET device. For the slow people out there, this means YOUR PC AND ISP NEED TO BE ON FOR IT TO WORK! So stop whining about your computer needs to be on for it to work. If you have a slow piece of crap computer loaded with God knows what (because you don’t patch, virus protect and properly maintain your PC.) your going to have PROBLEMS! If your Internet speed is slooooooow, guess what? It’s NOT GOING TO WORK WELL! So the folks that post, “I can’t hear”, “it’s full of static”, “it echoes”, “it sucks”, “their spying on me”, “don’t buy it” and on and on and on. It’s your fault, not Magic Jack. If it wasn’t YOUR fault, we’d ALL be experiencing the same problems you are. So if you’re not willing to deal with YOUR problem, or simply ask people that have it working a few questions to help resolve your problem, then stop posting your ignorance.

    5: This DOSE NOT and SHOULD NOT replace you’re your phone system. Analyze what it can and cannot do for you. If it makes business sense then get it. If not, DON’T slam this product because it doesn’t meet your needs. This device saves me and millions of people like me lots of money.

    6: Read 1 – 5.

  36. I’ve had my MJ for 4 months. When it works, it’s great. From time to time I try to dial and the call does not connect. I just hear dead air. But when it works, which is 95% of the time, it’s a valuable buiness tool. I use it for outgoing calls only, which means my incoming business land-line is always available. It’s the easiest, fastest, cheapest way I’ve found to get an additional line in my office. I have one client with 4 MJs sitting behind a PBX who is laughing all the way to the bank. He uses the MJ for outbound calls only, leaving his incoming lines free for customers. talk about GREAT savings. If the MJ is a little flakey for the day, we just use the land line. At $1.50 per month (inclusive) it’s too good not to be able to overlook the shortcomings.

  37. my MajicJack was working , now its not and do not know how to re-start . Was using the extension USB cord because i did’t have cord
    long enough , Now i do and since plugged in MajicJack into port on
    computer and still not working and soft-key picture does not appear
    on screen as it had . HELP

  38. MagicJack has been working for us, but we got sick of the pop-up advertisements, we found this tool that gets rid of them:

  39. I think people should be really careful about installing the MJ software. It apparently spies on your telephone use!

    There’s a great review comparing MJ to Vonage and Skype at:

  40. Hey, O’Keefe.. Go up about 4 posts and read bubba1212.. He says it like you should do it..So, I think that is the only instructions you need at this point.. Hey bubba. Can I use your post for other sites?? Like the http://unofficialmagicjack.forum2u/org ,, Yours makes more sense than most I’ve seen in the last year. Spend a minute folks.. Read that post up there and quit griping about a $40 gadget that does exactly what it says it will do.. You are griping about a $20 a YR phone service.. Get a grip. and If you hate it.. Sell it to someone with a brain that can use it.BTW.There are FAQs on the magic Jack site that have most of your fixes explained.. all you gotta do is enter the problem, see the remedy. Thanks bubba1212
    Swill..I DO NOT work for MJ.. I just happen to be a Happy user of the great little gadget.. Best thing since “Watson, come here”


  42. I recently purchase magicjack and my blue light stop working also! I was shock to type in blue light not working on magicjack and so here we talk! It was great using the phone I had no problem until I recenly changed phone numbers and then in two-three days nothing! $39.99 gone out the window. Looking to find the receipt :)

  43. Thanks bubba1212, well said. Especially points 3&6. Those two points were a riot. I have my MJ since January. Bought it at Radio Shack. In addition I paid $10 for insuring it. Since purchasing and installing the device I haven’t had any problems what-so-ever with it. With the added of thought of the insurance it gives me peace of mind that makes me sleep well at nlghts (LOL).

  44. […] either works great or doesn’t work at all. Internet message board, including comments on my blog, show people either love or hate […]

  45. matt kennedy on May 7th, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    the first year of my magicjack was a nightmare , it never worked right , the online text chat to try to get it fixed is useless . now they have discontinued my service (I prepaid for 5 years ,bought 2 all for approx.140.00 dollars .and they refuse to give me my money back .I am filing a criminal complaint in the morning .the magicjack is a huge fraud ,people .dont buy it .i was robbed ,sincerely ,matthew Kennedy

  46. I had mj for 5 months,sometimes the clarity wasn’t good but it worked most of the time,now I cannot make or recieve calls no dial tone blue light out have tried rebooting several times no help I have written this off as a learning experiance now lets see if mj will cancel my service and not charge me year after year for no service and no customer service

  47. can i hook up two mj on two differant computers ause my husband has hes own computer and if i can two mj than that would great please let me know very soon because i’m going to but two friday if it will work on two differant computers thank you monica

  48. Like most, I was suspicious about the claims, so I bought my MagicJack from my local RadioShack for $39.99 (no shipping). They had a 30 day return policy, so I figured I’d know in 30 days whether it would work for me. My scenario is that I keep my landline from the telco as a striped down line for local calls only so my number never changes, then have a second line for outbound LD. This allows me to select a new carrier for that second line at will and not care about number portability. I’ve done Packet8, my local cable company, and now MagicJack. I’m on my third month with the unit and am very pleased.

    I initially did my setup on a laptop with WindowsXP as my “nice an simple sanity check”. I got it working right away and made some calls. The voice quality had a few packet drops here and there, but I still felt like I was getting more than I paid for. I am using a 10MB/1MB cable modem by the way through a NAT router.

    I have several servers that run all the time, so I chose one of those to be the permanent host. I chose a machine running Windows 2003 64-bit. I found instructions with a little googling to run the magic jack as a service. I created a low permission account to host the service, uninstalled it from my laptop, and installed it on that machine while logged in as that service account. It worked perfect. I never see the magic jack interface. It’s all under the service. I just pick up the phone and dial and it works.

    If the unit ever does fail, at this price I will buy another one to replace it. I have never called their customer service, but I have ZERO expectations that they do more than answer the simple questions. At this price, they can’t afford to provide advanced troubleshooting.

    You do get what you pay for, and if you’re in the least bit computer savvy, this is a fantastic option. It’s not going to work for everyone. Buy it someplace local like I did. Keep the packaging and the receipt. Try it out. If it doesn’t work for you, take it back. If it does, enjoy the best bargain out there in my humble opinion.

    I hope the company will be around a long time, but I’ll be paying for 1 year at a time. If they fold, I’ll only be out $20. That’s less than 1 month of service with any other phone option. That’s a risk I’ll take any day. BTW, it’s also worth mentioning I’ve never seen one of their advertisements, so I don’t feel like I was promised anything more than a way to save some money. And I am saving a lot.

  49. I have a couple of questions that I have not been able to find an answer about the Magic Jack
    I am about to be hired by a customer service company and they don’t like voip will they be able to tell the difference if I install this device and also If I wanted to disconnect my phone in my apartment from my phone company will Magic Jack still work indepedantly on its own ?
    I haven’t bought the device yet but am just thinking about it for now

  50. I have paid for my magicjack and it stopped working. Hiow Come?

  51. Charles Baumgartner on October 12th, 2009 at 9:29 am

    Buyer beware! I got mine from Wal-mart a couple months ago. Got it hooked up at home and tested both calling out and receiving. It worked fine so I ordered my business cards, which cost about double the price of the MJ. Today I am trying to set up my voicemail and I find out through online tech support that someone else has already registered this number and that I must go back to the store I got it from to get a new one. WTF is this? Now I have to pay to get all new business cards again? Does anyone know how this could happen, or what I can do to keep my number? This isn’t right. I spent a lot of time and effort ordering my cards. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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