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Seeing clear to the New Year

So, I’m at a New Year’s Eve party earlier this week and an eye doctor friend of mine is blown away by my prescription eyeglasses.
It’s not the frame style or prescription that had him reeling. It was the price. I paid $8 for them at
He knows about the steep markup on glasses, but was […]

One in four Americans missed payments in `07

One in four Americans missed making one or more on-time bill payments, according to a survey released this morning.
The bulk of those delinquencies occurred on utilities (12 percent), credit cards (12 percent) and medical services (11 percent). Meanwhile, only 17 percent choose paying down debt as their top resolution for 2008, down notably from […]

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Запуск проекта - уже скоро!

12.12.2012 Портал запущен в тестовом режиме!

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