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Stop Spending Money You Don’t Have

Cozi coordination

If you have a busy family and have trouble staying organized – with baseball practices and dance classes for kids, doctor appointments, working parent travel schedules, etc. – Cozi could help.

Cozi, at, is an online calendar. Big deal, right? There are lots of online calendars. Maybe what sets Cozi apart is its relentless effort […]

$100 oil and you

The price of crude oil this week topped $100 a barrel. The economics around why are interesting, but I think most people just want to know how they’re going to cope with higher prices in their own households. That mostly means coping with higher prices for gasoline to fuel vehicles. High oil prices are also […]


Thankfully for consumers, the format war for high-definition DVDs is over in relatively short order.

Toshiba surrendered today, saying it will stop making HD DVD players. The winning format is Blu-ray by Sony.

If you’re looking for the best way to Blu-ray, it’s to buy a Playstation 3 game system. Here’s why: Unusual Way to Blu-ray.

If you […]

Suze Orman criticism

Suze Orman can be an easy target for criticism because she’s so visible and self-promoting. But the truth is, she does far more good than harm. She gets people to listen to her, especially women, who otherwise wouldn’t pay attention at all to their money lives. I’ve spoken with her on the phone several times […]

Zen Personal Finance review

Justin McHenry over at Zen Personal Finance posted a review of “Living Rich by Spending Smart.”
Find it here.
I especially like how he ended the review, which is the same way I ended the book – talking about spending for happiness. His review said, “studies show that over time people’s happiness comes much more from the […]

HDTV secret…pass it on

Many people don’t know you can get HDTV for free with use of an antenna, but at least a lot has been written about that. A bigger secret is that your cable TV company might be giving you hidden digital and HDTV versions of channels without telling you. You just need to know how to […]

Spending Smart: the book

I’m sure I just have new-authoritis, but I’m happy to see my newly released book, “Living Rich by Spending Smart” is at No. 19 on the Hot New Releases for finance books on I think I could drive myself crazy watching the ranking, and wondering what it really means.
Mostly, I’m happy because people […]