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Spending Smart today at Barnes and Noble

If you live in the Lehigh Valley and are free about 1 p.m. today, stop by the Barnes and Noble at Lehigh Valley Mall. I’ll be there for a presentation and book-signing for Living Rich by Spending Smart.

At the presentation, I’ll be distributing an article titled, “How to Save $10,000.” You need not attend to […]

Newsweek touts Spending Smart

Newsweek magazine has a nice article this week, “It’s time to trim the fat.” It has some good tips for cutting spending, many of them from my book, “Living Rich by Spending Smart.” It also mentions a Web site,, which seems to have some good advice. The article estimates some 1,100 bloggers devote their […]

Prepaid plunge: Part II

As of today, the two wireless phones in our family are now prepaid. No contract, no additional monthly taxes and fees, no more unused minutes every month. Anticipated savings of about $565 the first year; $820 the second year.

I previously said I would name names for my cell-phone transition. It helps describe the process.

I had […]

Spending Smart in Milwaukee

Milwaukee radio host Michael Dresser was kind enough to have me on his show last night.

This is about the 10th radio show I’ve done in promoting my book, “Living Rich by Spending Smart.” It’s interesting that different interviewers want to talk about different types of topics. Of course, saving money on gasoline is a hot […]

CNET: Buy cheap HDMI cables

I’ve been advocating buying cheap audio and video cables, instead of the pricey rip-off cables sold in many electronics stores. Consumer electronics Web site CNET finally took a strong stand on the issue recently. In an article dated March 4, it says:

CNET strongly recommends cheap HDMI cables widely available from online retailers instead of the […]

Spitzer spat

You’ve probably heard by now that New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer has apparently been frequenting prostitutes. Story.


We consumer advocates usually steer clear of political news, but many of us – regardless of political affiliation – viewed Spitzer as a champion of consumers against well-moneyed and powerful corporations – at least during some of his crusades. […]

Wireless prepaid plunge

A bout of lousy customer service this morning with my wireless carrier finally pushed me to do what I’ve been threatening to do for a while – go to a prepaid cell service.

I ordered a prepaid phone online and, if satisfied, will get one for my wife and cancel our traditional service.

Savings: $700 a year.

We […]

Spending Smart: on air

My friend Chuck Jaffe of was kind enough recently to have me on his radio show, Your Money.

An .mp3 recording of the interview is here.

Grocery savings seminar

If you’re free after lunch on Tuesday, March 4, consider attending a “webinar” on grocery savings from 1 to 2 p.m. ET.

It’s sponsored by Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Atlanta and features Stephanie Nelson, The Coupon Mom.

Stephanie, at right, is my go-to person when I need reliable information on supermarket shopping for my Spending […]