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Spending Smart on CBN

Over the summer, I had a video crew from CBN News at my house for about 7 hours, shooting tons of footage and tips from me about spending money smarter. The footage finally aired nationwide this week on the 700 Club with Pat Robertson (CBN is the Christian Broadcasting Network.) Another lengthy segment is due […]

Ridiculously cheap eyeglasses

I’m a fan of inexpensive eyeglasses. I have two pair from A competitor,, has a fantastic deal today only.

Use this link via to access the site to get a 30 percent discount by using the promotional code “dealnews” at checkout.

So, instead of the inexpensive specs going for $7.95, they’re reduced to $5.56, […]

Cheap out on HDMI, a valuable resource for tech information, has a reminder for this holiday season when, despite the economy, many people will be purchasing new high-definition TVs.

The advice is simple: Don’t waste money on expensive HDMI cables.

HDMI is the highest quality connection you can use for a high-definition TV. A single cord carries video and sound. […]

Please! Check out prepaid phones

A new survey released minutes ago concluded what I have been advocating for years: Many consumers should consider prepaid, pay-as-you-go phone plans, instead of the usual contract plans. They could save literally hundreds of dollars per year.

The switchover is something I did for two cell phones in our household earlier this year. Read more about […]

Shop smart online

Lest anybody think I don’t take my own advice, I’ll share a quick online shopping story.

Just now, I bought three Lands’ End winter goose down vests for family members. Normally, that costs about $90. I got them for $57.

First, I was checking my new favorite Web site for deals, It alerted me to the […]

No duh!: We’re officially in a recession

There was much political handwringing throughout 2008 about whether the U.S. economy was in an economic recession, meaning the economy was shrinking. The Bush administration refused to use the word.

But now we know.

The only official word on the subject of recessions comes from the National Bureau of Economic Research, a non-profit research organization. It said […]