Is it snowing at your house?

Got snow on your TV today? Or maybe just a blank screen?

This whole conversion to digital TV has been quite an episode. Yesterday, Feb. 17, was the date that all over-the-air TV signals – those you get with a simple antenna rather than cable or satellite – were supposed to switch to digital from analog. But for a number of reasons, the date recently got pushed back by Congress to June 12.

Trouble is, some broadcasters went ahead and pulled the plug on the old analog signals yesterday anyway.

What I really want to know is, how many of you get TV signals with an antenna?

It’s easier in some areas than others. For example, getting a signal in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, where I work for The Morning Call newspaper, is tough in most areas. But my sister in Cincinnati gets broadcast channels with an antenna, no problem.

An antenna is certainly an economical way to get your TV entertainment – although there are other ways. That’s especially true now that many cable companies require you to have a cable box on each set. All those extra boxes, if they have monthly charges, add up quickly.

So, I suspect some people are still using antennas, not for their primary TV maybe, but for secondary ones, maybe in a bedroom or basement. If you do, you’ll need a digital converter box – now for some stations and by June 12 for the rest. More information and a $40 coupon to help buy a box are available at

Another way to get digital and HD signals with a basic cable subscription is described in an earlier post, here.

Do you get TV signals with an antenna? Leave me a comment if you do.

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