Do you feel confident?

An economic indicator called “consumer confidence” plummeted in February to new all-time lows (with all-time being since the Consumer Confidence Index began in 1967).

Release of that news this morning just seems like a piling on. There’s been very little good economic news lately, either on a macro level or a household level.

How about you? What freaks you out most about the current recession? Is it the prospect of being laid off from a job? Is it your retirement plan being cut in half? Worried you won’t be able to pay for a child’s college tuition because your 529 plan has tanked?

What are you doing about those fears? Are you cutting spending and saving more?

I can tell you I take more comfort in my cash accounts – checking/savings – nowadays than my investment accounts. But that’s only human nature. Intellectually, I know that stocks are on sale right now, which (probably) makes them a good buy for the long term.

Please feel free to use the comment link to share your confidence about the current economy.

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