Some good news for consumers

Amid all the distressing financial news, let’s take good news where we can get it. Like:

  • American Express is paying $300 to some of its customers to go away.
  • USAirways is back to providing free non-alcoholic beverages on flights.
  • Shares of Citigroup stock, which trade at about $2, now cost less than a Citibank ATM fee.
  • Across the U.S., state lottery revenues rose 3.3 percent last year. It seems that happens during bad economic times. State lotteries often support good causes, whether education or programs for the elderly. Just make sure you’re not one of those people playing the lottery as some kind of financial plan. Lotteries – unless you’re playing for fun and whimsy – are a tax on the hopeless.
  • A new free site helps your child research colleges. It’s at

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