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Money CAN buy happiness

Sometimes my Spending Smart column gets shortened considerably to fit in the newspaper. Here is the full version of Sunday’s column. It seemed to generate interest, being picked up by many newspapers across the country.


What’s your opinion on the money/happiness link?
By Gregory Karp
Maybe money can’t buy love, but it might buy happiness. Or, […]

Mailbag: Budget categories

Sunday’s Spending Smart newspaper column was about budgeting, the dreaded “B” word of personal finance.
A woman wrote with the following question, which I took a shot at answering. Do you agree or disagree? Do you have different advice?
Her e-mail:

Gregory, I just read your article in the Baltimore Sun and have a question.
You say the details […]

Comparing Web prices on the fly


I regularly advocate using a shopping robot, or shop-bot, to compare prices quickly on the Web. Examples are Google Product Search, and You go to these sites, type in what you’re looking for — preferably with a model number — and it returns prices from a variety of retailers.
Productivity site […]