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Spending Smart in Milwaukee

Milwaukee radio host Michael Dresser was kind enough to have me on his show last night.

This is about the 10th radio show I’ve done in promoting my book, “Living Rich by Spending Smart.” It’s interesting that different interviewers want to talk about different types of topics. Of course, saving money on gasoline is a hot […]

Spending Smart: on air

My friend Chuck Jaffe of was kind enough recently to have me on his radio show, Your Money.

An .mp3 recording of the interview is here.

Zen Personal Finance review

Justin McHenry over at Zen Personal Finance posted a review of “Living Rich by Spending Smart.”
Find it here.
I especially like how he ended the review, which is the same way I ended the book – talking about spending for happiness. His review said, “studies show that over time people’s happiness comes much more from the […]

Spending Smart: the book

I’m sure I just have new-authoritis, but I’m happy to see my newly released book, “Living Rich by Spending Smart” is at No. 19 on the Hot New Releases for finance books on I think I could drive myself crazy watching the ranking, and wondering what it really means.
Mostly, I’m happy because people […]

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