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Rental-car insurance?

Standard advice when renting a car is to say “no” to the insurance, called the loss damage waiver. That’s the insurance they try so hard to sell you at the pickup counter. The reason is that you probably already have accident coverage from your regular auto-insurance policy and/or the credit card you used to rent […]

Ripped off for $870

The property and casualty insurance industry continued in 2007 to systematically overcharge consumers and reduce the value of home and automobile insurance policies, leading to profits, reserves, and surplus that are at or near record levels, says the Consumer Federation of America.
A new CFA study estimates that insurer overcharges over the past four years […]

Save $1,000 in 2008? has a collection of great personal finance articles. However, a new one entitled “7 easy steps to save $1,000 in 2008″ isn’t one of them.
Perhaps the most egregious error is that the article only offers six tips to save $1,000, not seven.
The article gets off to a weird start by suggesting ways to save […]

Spend FSA money fast!

The flexible spending account, or FSA, has recently become one of the good deals among employer benefits. You can pay for out-of-pocket health expenses with pre-tax money. In other words, if you’re in the 25 percent tax bracket you get a quarter off all that spending.
FSAs became more lucrative in recent years because the IRS […]

Financially FIT

With all the spending in your life, you can be overwhelmed just thinking about where to start. I have a place for you. It involves getting financially FIT, an acronym I invented that stands for food, insurance and telecommunications. These are three areas to make painless spending cuts and quickly reap the biggest savings. And […]

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