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Canon fodder on warranties

We hear so many bad stories about customer service that I thought I’d pass along a good one.

At the Spending Smart household, our Canon multifunction printer, the Pixma MX850, died. The small screen showed an error code that we couldn’t get past. We only bought it in September, so it was still under its one-year […]

Wireless prepaid plunge

A bout of lousy customer service this morning with my wireless carrier finally pushed me to do what I’ve been threatening to do for a while – go to a prepaid cell service.

I ordered a prepaid phone online and, if satisfied, will get one for my wife and cancel our traditional service.

Savings: $700 a year.

We […]

Cozi coordination

If you have a busy family and have trouble staying organized – with baseball practices and dance classes for kids, doctor appointments, working parent travel schedules, etc. – Cozi could help.

Cozi, at, is an online calendar. Big deal, right? There are lots of online calendars. Maybe what sets Cozi apart is its relentless effort […]

Extended ripoff

So, I get a letter in the mail the other day from Dell, which sold me my laptop computer about a year ago. It says my warranty will expire soon and I can get additional coverage for “only” $349.
What are the chances something will go wrong with my computer that would cost me $349? Not […]

Price Protected

I made $18 yesterday from electronics store Best Buy. Like many retailers, Best Buy offers price matching or price protection. If you buy something and the price goes down with a certain timeframe, often 30 days, you can go to the store and be credited the difference.
You could return the items and buy it at […]

Seeing clear to the New Year

So, I’m at a New Year’s Eve party earlier this week and an eye doctor friend of mine is blown away by my prescription eyeglasses.
It’s not the frame style or prescription that had him reeling. It was the price. I paid $8 for them at
He knows about the steep markup on glasses, but was […]



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