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Unlimited cell plans

Virgin Mobile today announced the lowest price I’ve seen for unlimited wireless calling at $79.99 per month. The plan, which requires you to pay upfront every month but requires no contract, is available July 1. Virgin operates on the Sprint network. I’m not necessarily endorsing that deal, but it highlights a recent trend among wireless […]

Prepaid plunge: Part II

As of today, the two wireless phones in our family are now prepaid. No contract, no additional monthly taxes and fees, no more unused minutes every month. Anticipated savings of about $565 the first year; $820 the second year.

I previously said I would name names for my cell-phone transition. It helps describe the process.

I had […]

CNET: Buy cheap HDMI cables

I’ve been advocating buying cheap audio and video cables, instead of the pricey rip-off cables sold in many electronics stores. Consumer electronics Web site CNET finally took a strong stand on the issue recently. In an article dated March 4, it says:

CNET strongly recommends cheap HDMI cables widely available from online retailers instead of the […]

Wireless prepaid plunge

A bout of lousy customer service this morning with my wireless carrier finally pushed me to do what I’ve been threatening to do for a while – go to a prepaid cell service.

I ordered a prepaid phone online and, if satisfied, will get one for my wife and cancel our traditional service.

Savings: $700 a year.

We […]

HDTV secret…pass it on

Many people don’t know you can get HDTV for free with use of an antenna, but at least a lot has been written about that. A bigger secret is that your cable TV company might be giving you hidden digital and HDTV versions of channels without telling you. You just need to know how to […]

Unusual way to Blu-ray

Now that it looks like Blu-ray will win the disk format war over HD DVD, what Blu-ray player should you buy?
If you haven’t been following this tech battle, two rival high-definition formats emerged, like the VHS-BetaMax fight in the 1980s. Warner Bros. recently signed on with a format called Blu-ray, apparently tipping the scales […]

Pricey A/V cables a waste of money

In my Spending Smart newspaper column on Sunday I talked about how it’s usually a waste of money to buy expensive cables to connect your audio and video components. Pricey speaker wire is a waste, as well.
This has been a long-running and controversial topic. Read about it here: Price of audio, video cables bears little […]

Save $1,000 in 2008? has a collection of great personal finance articles. However, a new one entitled “7 easy steps to save $1,000 in 2008″ isn’t one of them.
Perhaps the most egregious error is that the article only offers six tips to save $1,000, not seven.
The article gets off to a weird start by suggesting ways to save […]

Cheap phone service: MagicJack

Remember when long-distance calls were so expensive that you watched the clock while talking?
Nowadays, landline phone service — especially long-distance — has become a lot less expensive, with unlimited long-distance added to many calling packages.
But an even cheaper service is MagicJack at It’s unlimited phone calling using your high-speed Internet connection. It includes […]

Financially FIT

With all the spending in your life, you can be overwhelmed just thinking about where to start. I have a place for you. It involves getting financially FIT, an acronym I invented that stands for food, insurance and telecommunications. These are three areas to make painless spending cuts and quickly reap the biggest savings. And […]



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